$15.00 / month

The Features. The Speed. The Security.

Use our high-end server infrastructure to provide exceptional performance for your website. We have all the features to make your website lightning fast including 100% Solid State Drives and the newest E5 processors.

WooCommerce Subscription Module ($200 value)

Increase customer retention and decrease bandwidth utilization. Save your customers time by automatically renewing their accounts each month.

Premium Support Package ($100 value)

Multiple Trouble Tickets in the queue? No problem…Get your issues resolved faster by becoming a premium support package subscriber and get your tickets moved to the front of the line.

WooCommerce Product Addons Module ($50)

This module pays for itself. Add variable addon products to your services to upsell with ease. Want to sell additional devices or services? With product addons allow your customers to choose and charge them a fee per additional device or service.

Malware Protection Plus

Not only do we manage your Wordpress website but we scan it for over 12,000 malware signatures daily. If found we will clean your website of any malware free of charge. For a small monthly fee you can rest assured you are being protected even when you are sleeping.

Content Delivery Network

Take caching to another well with our content delivery network (CDN). Our data centers are strategically placed around the world that store your content. When customers visit your website, we provide your content from the nearest data center. Increase your page speed and lower response times by meeting your customers where they are.

Extended Backup & Restore

Did something go wrong? Quickly and easily restore a previous version of your website with a click. Choose to restore from our automatic daily backups or any custom backups, created on demand. Add the option to keep backups for up to 30 days (default restore is previous day).