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What Makes Our Development Different?

We understand that there are several different options available for WordPress Web Design. With so many options it is difficult to see the differences in web design companies. At, we not only have a proven process, but our philosophy for web design is very different from most other WordPress Web Design Agencies. We understand that web design is more than the code behind your website. Obviously this is important; it should be clean, and optimized for speed and usability, but it is more than that. We work to understand your business, your customers, and your vision to deliver an optimized and tailored design concept. We also maintain communication with you throughout the entire process. We become your brand partners!

Tailored and Customized

At we don’t sell you boxed templates modified with your brand colors. Before we have our initial conversation with you, we actually have no clue what your website is going to look like. Why is this? If we don’t understand your business and how you make money, we have no way of knowing how your website should be designed. We are able to deliver completely custom solutions that move your target audience to purchase your products.

Communication & Partnership

Tell me if this story sounds familiar.

I purchase Web design services from someone in [insert country here] and they delivered me a website that I wasn’t happy with. To make matters worse I have absolutely no way of contacting them now. There goes thousands of dollars down the drain with nothing to show for it.

The relationship between a business owner and web developer is very unique. You are busy building an empire. You deserve to have a web design agency that understands your business and partners with you to build your brand. Click To Tweet Our services are cater to your business needs at every level and we are willing and capable of growing with you as you grow.

Our Proven Process

We don’t make things up as we go. A huge part of a successful WordPress Web Design Agency is understanding what works. The truth is, there are a countless number of websites on the internet and the majority of them aren’t successful. We used to just make beautiful websites, but we soon realized there was more to picture that we were missing. We came to the understanding that a website alone will not draw traffic to your website or get the results you deserve for the money and time you have invested. This concept birthed our Proven Web Development Process.

Business Information Gathering & Analytics

We always start with business analytics. We want to understand your business, what makes it unique, and how you plan to generate revenue. We also need to get a clear understanding of your target audience. Using tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console can give us a good idea of the type of traffic you are already receiving on your current website. We use all the information gathered about your business for the next step, which is persona development.

Persona Development

A persona is a profile of your typical customer. It may include things such as gender, age, hobbies, average salary, and other factors. During persona development we use the information gathered about your business to create a fictitious profile of an individual who would most likely buy your products. This persona is used throughout the remainder of the process and will influence every aspect of our design and implementation.

Initial Design Concept

Based on the information gathered about your business and the persona created in the previous step, we will begin to design our initial concept. Every aspect of the design will be catered to colors, fonts, images, and elements that we believe will encourage the persona to invest in your products and services. We deliver you a completely custom conversion optimized website design for your review.

Testing & Design Implementation

Once the design has been approved we will begin testing. This testing will look for any bugs or hindrances to the overall user experience of your site. After initial testing has been completed we launch the website to the public.

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing Services

We offer a full range of digital marketing services to help drive traffic to your website and business.

We can manage your local listings on over 100+ location directories across the internet. This will assure that regardless of where people are looking for businesses like yours, your listing will be there.

Organic Search Engine Optimization aims at making your website rank higher in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for topics that your potential clients are searching for on the web.

Pay Per Click gives you immediate boosts in visibility by displaying ads to individuals who are likely to buy your products.

We can help schedule posts for your business' social media profiles and help to increase followers, while helping to build your brand online.

Let's Become Brand Partners

The difference is in the research. We understand your business and deliver a uniquely custom, conversion optimized, Wordpress web design concept. We tailor your website to your target audience. Then, we help you to build rank on search engines with a comprehensive range of digital marketing services.
We are Brand Partners!

We are Brand Partners!

Custom Wordpress Web Design services that help you convert more potential clients. It is more than a website! We are more than developers. We are Brand Partners. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we can help you increase your revenue and build your brand effectively.

Tailored Web Development Services

Custom WordPress Web Design
Wordpress Web Design responsive template #1
Wordpress Web Design responsive template #2Wordpress Web Design responsive template #3

We Don't Just Build Websites. We Build Brands!

Creating top-notch User Experiences (UX) in the Grovetown, Evans, and the Augusta Area
Fully Responsive Layouts
Fully Responsive Layouts
Provide better customer experience with websites that look great on any screen.
Parallax & Video Backgrounds
Parallax & Video Backgrounds
Beautiful background to grab your customers attention from the beginning.
Modern & Sleek Design
Modern & Sleek Design
A professionally designed interface encourages trust from your customers
Conversion Optimized Checkout
Conversion Optimized Checkout
Avoid abandoned carts with our checkout experiences designed to convert sales.
Intuitive User Interface
Intuitive User Interface
Let customers focus on buying into your brand instead of how to navigate your website.
Informative Customer Portals
Informative Customer Portals
All of your customers information in one convenient and user friendly place

Happy Clients About Us

Don't take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.
I am very impressed by Rebranded, after having our company website built. Ray always made sure we were taking care! His knowledge from SEO to marketing is phenomenal! Rebranded not only meet my expectations, but exceeded them all. I highly recommend Rebranded for any, website and marketing needs. You will not be disappointed!
Amanda Jones
Small Business Owner
Amanda Jones
I wanted a website, but had no idea what I wanted it to look like. I just wanted it to look good. handled everything from logo design to my final website. It was almost like they read my mind.
Angelina Johnson
Small Business Owner
Angelina Johnson
Our employees were spending too much time with data entry and customer management, until the developers at built a custom API integration which boosted productivity by 70%
Gabriel Townsend
Web Developer
Gabriel Townsend

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We believe Our Work Speaks For Itself.

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In today's competitive online arena, simply having a website no longer cuts it. We are more than a Digital Marketing Agency, we are Brand Partners! Let us refresh your brand's look and online presence to make it stand out from thousands of other websites on the internet. Reach out to one of our experts.
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